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Sky-Drones has recently released SmartAP PDB - Power Distribution Board for professional aerial systems. It supports up to 14S Batteries (60V input), has integrated current sensor, transfers high power from the battery to ESCs / Motors and generates power supply for the flight controller and other peripherals with 5V and 12V voltage levels. Also, PDB provides the functionality for battery voltage / current measurements. SmartAP PDB makes high-power lines connections easier and much more reliable.

Features and detailed specifications:

  • Size: 65x65 mm, 4x 3mm mounting holes
  • Input voltage up to 60 Volts (14S)
  • Capability to handle extremenly high currents (peak current up to 400A)
  • Power input from the main battery, possibility to connect up to 4 independent batteries
  • 12 pairs of pads (6 on top, 6 on bottom) for powering up to 12 motors (all possible airframe configurations supported)
  • Integrated voltage and current sensors
  • Integrated DC-DC converter from 10-60 V input (up to 14S battery) to 5V output to power peripherals
  • Integrated DC-DC converter from 10-60 V input (up to 14S battery) to 12V output to power peripherals
  • 5V and 12V power output terminals (standard 2.54mm/0.1" connectors)
  • Integrated loud electromagnetic sounder (buzzer)
  • Power output for the flight controller (both 5V and battery VIN)
  • Fully compatible with all SmartAP Autopilots

For further information, please, refer to the Installation section, online Store for ordering or Sky-Drones website for other available products. 

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