Flying from idea generation to unrivalled success

An Idea Developed...


Back in 2011, Sky-Drones Founder & CEO Kirill Shilov began his university project: SmartAP Autopilot. From idea generation all the way to hardware design, the first flight control hardware and software were created. This idea took Kirill through his university education, until the dream became a reality in 2014.


The Beginning of Sky-Drones


And so began a great deal of demonstrations of the initial development for the hardware and flight tests. Following the success of such tests, Kirill's project began turning heads and widening the eyes of onlookers; drone users began purchasing the hardware and software, and... Sky-Drones was born! Not only was the company recognised for providing a scientific and technical collaboration, it also won the CRDFGlobal MIT Sloan School of Management Startup and Business Pitch competition in 2014!


Becoming a PRO

After attending the sUBS Expo, Silicone Valley Drone Show, Sky-Drones saw unprecedented success in the amount of SmartAP hardware and software sold, so it was time for something bigger and better: SmartAP PRO. The company went from idea generation to retail of the flight control system for professional users all in the space of a single year. New and existing customers adopted the SmartAP PRO, allowing the Sky-Drones team themselves to expand.

Pushing Limits to the MAX


As time went on and sales went up, it was clear that the company had the potential to achieve more and take a larger piece of the UAV avionics market. And so, wthout further ado, SmartAP MAX was introduced! As predicted, new and existing customers relished the new software and hardware, thus Sky-Drones gained a global presence. All over Europe, USA, and Asia commercial companies were adopting Sky-Drones' technologies. It was in 2016 that the company had its first stand at The Commercial UAV Show at ExCel London, showcasing SmartAP and other products. Finally, to end the phenominal year of growth for Sky-Drones, the strategic partnership with Clogworks Technologies was formed, finalising the co-development of both parties respective products and services.


Personalized Applications


Having perfected the auto pilot options for its users, Sky-Drones began approaching and being approached by drone manufacturers, and developing custom commercial applications to be used in and on the drones themselves. This spurred on a collection of new ideas that saw Sky-Drones excell beyond all imagination, bringing cutomisable applications to the market.

Developers Get In Touch

Shout Out to Ground Control


The creation and implementation of Sky-Drones' SmartAP GCS (Ground Control Station) came to life in 2018. The software and hardware was designed for safer and easier flight configuration and mission planning. Research and development was continually underway, bringing life to Sky-Drones from external partners, including AirMap, Altitude Angel; a geospatial awareness and information provider including weather data, airspace advisories, flight restrictions and regulations, and much more. This development has aided global customers in building and operating commercial drones for security, inspections, and mapping purposes.


The Missing Link


The Sky-Drones team continued to utilise their resources and made 2019 a remarkable year, making the unimaginable a reality: SmartLink. The progression of turning three datalinks into one, this broadband digital communication system with a 20km range and the ability to run off 4G/5G LTE connectivity came to life. Soon after, Sky-Drones developed the SmartLink Controller: a compact and light weight mobile handheld ground station unit. Use the joysticks to fly, the touch screen to plan missions, and the onboard WiFi systems to connect. This technology has it all.


An Unprecedented Year


To enable Sky-Drones to be the providers of a completley integrated ecosystem for pilot, drone and HQ, there needed to be a base. A platform for tracking. An easily accessible, user-friendly, integrated space... Sky-Drones Cloud. The management platform brings the way in which customers interact with their entire fleet of drones a whole new lease of life. 2020 was also the year Sky-Drones completed their partnership with the Altitude Angel, allowing Sky-Drones Cloud users to access a whole new selection of features to increase the safety and efficiency of drone operations.