Designed and optimised for long-range BVLOS flight operations. Perfect solution for delivery service and long-distance inspections. Capable of carying a payload in a form of cargo or high-value sensors with state-of-the-art optics. Featuring AIRLink onboard, SkyLane supports fully-autonomous flights with real-time video streaming, AI, 5G, cloud connectivity and much more.


flight range


flight endurance


cruise speed


payload capacity


  • Aircraft type: VTOL
  • Propulsion system: Electrical
  • Wingspan: 2500 mm or 3500 mm
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Battery voltage: 12S
  • Wind Resistance: 13 m/s FW, 7 m/s VTOL
  • Operating temperature: -20...+45C
  • Carrying case: 1300mm x 530mm x470mm


Skylane is powered by the most advanced AI drone flight controller - AIRLink. AIRLink stands for Artificial Intelligence & Remote Link. The unit includes cutting-edge drone autopilot, AI mission computer and 5G connectivity unit.

  • Permanent internet connectivity as standard
  • Supports various sensors and different payload types
  • Automated workflows
  • Real-time situational awareness


AIRLink is a centerpiece component for apps, alorithms and custom software deployment.

  • 4G/5G online connectivity via public or private networks
  • Real-time telemetry and video streaming with ultra low-latency for full situational awareness
  • Al inspired apps and software algorithms for enhanced autonomy and smart decision making
  • Scalable solution with an option to run multiple aircrafts simultaneously


3D Mission Planning in the Cloud

Add waypoints interactively and view the flight plan from any perspective. Rotate, change view angle, tilt, view from surface and get back to orthogonal view right before finishing. Adjust waypoints position and altitude interactively to achieve with the best mission planning user experience.

Flight management and analytics

Every flight log is stored in the cloud and accessible when you need it. Detailed flight log analytics helps to ensure the best possible flight performance of your vehicle and detect potential issues before your customers or pilots know about this. Flight logs allow to create detailed history of all your drone operations and get to the bottom of the things when it's needed. Constant flight logs monitoring ensures safe and reliable operations for the whole fleet and for each individual drone.

Artificial Intelligence Onboard

Advanced software combining cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, sensor fusion, and camera platform controls to enable time-critical system autonomy. Seamless integration with unmanned platofrms makes Fortifai by Vizgard the obvious component for our users in the threat and hazard detection sectors.

  • Detection tracking
  • Image enhancement
  • Behaviour prediction
  • Distance estimation

Detailed technical specifications

Download Skylane technical specifications datasheet to learn more about its features.


Medical Delivery use case

By using drones, healthcare providers can deliver essential items like medicine and lab reports, and they can even provide periodic inspections for safety purposes. Medical providers often need to transport organs in a timely manner, making traditional options like airplanes and cars impractical


The project is funded by UK Research and Innovation (Innovate UK) Future Flight Challenge Phase III program and brings an integrated airspace solution to Channel Islands aiming to establish rapid transportation network with drones between Guernsey and Jersey.

Sky-Drones technology provides cloud-based software for mission planning, flight controller with AI mission computer onboard of the VTOL drone and real time connectivity via 5G and satcom for BVLOS flight operations.

The project is conducted in collaboration with consortium partners - Volant Autonomy, Dronecloud, Cambridge Sensoriis, Drone Defence, ANGOKA, TEKTowr, Digital Jersey, Ports of Jersey, Skyports Drone Services.


Just in case you want to know absolutely everything about SkyLane

Wingspan2500 mm3500 mm
Length1260 mm1880 mm
MaterialCarbon FiberCarbon Fiber
Frame weight3.2 kg9 kg
Basic empty weight7.4 kg (no battery)15.5 kg (no battery)
Max. take-off weight15 kg35 kg
Suggested payload (ex battery)1.2 kg7 kg
Endurance4h, no payload
3.5h, 1.2 kg payload
5h, no payload
2.5h, 7 kg payload
Max cruising speed26 m/s28 m/s
Stall speed15.5 m/s19 m/s
Max flight altitude4800 m3000 m
Battery2x6S 25000 mAh (5.1kg)4x6S 25000 mAh (10.2kg)
Battery cabin260 mm x 150 mm x 85 mm350 mm x 250 mm x 140 mm
Wind resistanceUp to 13.8m/s Fixed wing ModeUp to 7.9m/s VTOL Mode
Operating voltage12S12S
Operating temperature-20...+45C-20...+45C
Carrying case1300 mm x 530 mm x 470 mm1670 mm x 540 mm x 590 mm




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