Power plants and lines, oil and gas rigs. A small selection of the extensive range of operations Droneprofi have completed in their 700+ hours of inspections. Experts in their field and specialists in the security, oil and gas, and energy sectors, Droneprofi provide their customers with an array of options for UAV inspection operations, ensuring each mission is specific to their clients’ needs. With Sky-Drones technology, the inspection process has been made even more efficient, reports even more detailed, and possibilities even more unexpected.


Hardware from Sky-Drones such as the Smartlink and SmartLink Controller allows a more efficient mission and ease of control for more technical inspections. The natural-feeling joystick positioned within ergonomically situated controls makes for smoother manoeuvring down to extended and beyond visual line of sight in complex environmental conditions.

Droneprofi use quadrocopters for a multitude of inspection operations. Sky-Drones’ SmartLink double video feed system allows Droneprofi’s customers to receive HD visuals from all angles immediately on site and remotely during and after the inspection mission has been completed.

Maintenance planning, servicing, repair works. All can be scheduled and planned using models like this one, from inspections using Droneprofi, without risking lives.


For regular inspections of mines, powerplants, cranes, chemical factories and refineries, and much more, Droneprofi uses Sky-Drones products, primarily - SmartAP Autopilots, SmartAP GCS, SmartLink.
Outstanding reliability and enhanced flight performance of SmartAP give Droneprofi’s customers the most accurate of inspections, whilst remarkable navigation precision and control accuracy ensures the data can be collected with confidence. Since all Droneprofi inspections are highly specified to suit its customers needs, the enhanced control elements enables the company to provide results-driven data for its clients, such as 3D model images like this.


UAV inspections can withstand harsh climatic conditions in temperatures from -40 degrees Celsius up to +50 degrees Celsius, and with 70 minutes of airtime, the possibilities are endless.
From inspecting the workings and maintenance of wind turbines to remove the risk to engineers, to adding extra security measures to ground missions for immediate responses from external teams, Droneprofi inspections are at the very top end of their field.


Sky-Drones Cloud is an online hub that allows to manage all drone operations - from monitoring the performance of drones in the Droneprofi fleet to 3D mission planning in complex terrain environments. Combined with a long endurance carbon fibre UAV inspection possibilities become unlimited.

Check the conditions of mines. Count the workforce on the oil rig. Inspect powerlines. And much more.


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