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Cloud based web application for drone fleet management, performance monitoring, mission planning, real-time control and post flight AI analytics.


With Sky-Drones Cloud we provide an "Everything is Integrated Everywhere" approach
which completely redefines the way companies build and operate commercial drones.


Sky-Drones Cloud is the place for all data when working with and operating your fleet of drones. You don't need to have your data being distributed across multiple services or excel sheets which are difficult to share and can be lost. Sky-Drones centralized hub for all information is the key when getting drone workflow to the next level.


Sky-Drones Cloud is tightly integrated with all hardware and software products including autopilots and SmartLinks. The data transmitted from drone to ground station is also available in the cloud. Data can be synced either post flight or during the flight with LTE connectivity. Payload data gathering is integrated as well.


Cloud can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Drone and operator can be at the flight location while mission managers can observe the flight sitting in a command center on the other side of the globe giving valuable advice and getting exactly what they need. This brings situational awareness using drones to a completely new level.


Powerful and flexible Dashboard provides all major information at glance. General information about assets, users and flights allows to quickly estimate fleet performance and make better decisions with confidence. Filter over a certain period of time and within specific fleet - we provide all tools for increasing efficiency of your drone workflows.

Drones & Operators

Ever interested in which drone is mostly used? Or who is the most experienced pilot with the highest number of flight hours in the team? Drones and pilots analytics help to understand this easily. Sky-Drones Cloud is just like Google Analytics for Drones.


Flight locations widget allows fleet managers to understand how vehicles are being used and make sure that all operations are compliant and always stay within required regulations. Filter for certain period of time or fleet - any tools for highlighting exactly what you need available.

Fleet Management

Fleet management part of the Cloud allows you to keep track of all your assests in the company. Data is always synchronized in real time with drones using LTE networks. Check for the currently installed software version on the vehicle and update remotely for the latest one when it's necessary. Interested in real time flights? This page will also tell you who is online now.

Real Time Flights

Need to fly a drone which is currently on the other side of the Globe? Don't have SmartAP GCS installed? No problem - simply login to the Cloud, select the vehicle which is online and fly via LTE networks. We provide infrastructure for ultra low latency flights over internet without any additional software installed. Fly right in the web browser with HD video and all major telemetry. Operate multiple drones on a single page when it's needed.

Flight Logs

Every flight log is stored in the cloud and accessible when you need it. Detailed flight log analytics helps to ensure the best possible flight performance of your vehicle and detect potential issues before your customers or pilots know about this. Flight logs allow to create detailed history of all your drone operations and get to the bottom of the things when it's needed. Constant flight logs monitoring ensures safe and reliable operations for the whole fleet and for each individual drone.

3D Mission Planning

Tired of looking at the elevation profiles and figuring out the way the mission is going to look like in 3D? Flying in complex terrain environments? All this issues are in the past - add waypoints interactively and view the flight plan from any perspective. Rotate, change view angle, tilt, view from surface and get back to orthogonal view right before finishing. Adjust waypoints position and altitude interactively to achieve with the best mission planning user experience. Watch the demo video.

All Data at your Fingertips

Assets, missions, users and flight logs management with AI inspired analytics provide you detailed information about your drone operations.

Sky-Drones Cloud

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