Together with FPT Industrial, FPT Forvola broke the Guinness World Record for the heaviest payload lifted by drone in November 2018; over 100kg travelling up over 1m! Its 16 propellers lifted a box full of FPT Industrial spare parts for over a minute. This worldwide breakthrough has opened up all kinds of possibilities for the agricultural industry, and with the added technology from Sky-Drones, the future of agriculture by drone is limitless.


Originating in the developing 100-million-euro drone market in Italy, Forvola are a leading designer and manufacturer of safe, autonomous, and certified work drones. Renowned for carrying a payload of 30kg for 30 minutes, Forvola operate in the logistic, fire, defence, and agriculture industries.
With Sky-Drones’ SmartAP GCS flight planning software, Forvola can really start to bring agriculture by drone to life. With the ability to specifically plan each path, Forvola’s Megadrone can operate along row after row to plant, spray, and fertilise acres of land in a matter of hours, as opposed to days as it currently stands with traditional heavy machinery.
For trickier acreages that possess some difficult obstacles, Sky-Drones software offers hazard detection and diversion, and integrated elevation data that gives a full visual of the upcoming terrain, ensuring collision-free and smooth-running missions every time.


The software will enable greater benefits not only for Forvola, but for every stakeholder in agriculture. The goal for everyone is to reduce or, eventually, potentially eliminated CO2 emissions thanks to the use of UAVs instead of tractors with attachments. Meanwhile, precision-perfect application will reduce wastage costs incurred by farmers themselves from larger, heavy machinery that do not possess the ability to align its output to the centimetre.


By implementing Sky-Drones Cloud software into their megadrones, Forvola can input commands and routes from the opposite side of the world. The centralised hub allows engineers, farmers, and landowners to farm their land from anywhere they see fit. This enables users to make decisions based on the here and now, since the UAV can operate that much quicker than traditional farming machinery.
The easy-to-navigate dashboard within Sky-Drones Cloud gives all major indications at a glance for the whole fleet of drones. Easy maintenance planning, immediate mechanical and service warnings, and general efficiency of missions are only a fraction of the elements that will help agriculture excel through time.




FPT Forvola and Sky-Drones’ partnership benefits a multitude of industries all over the world. Maximum efficiency, exceptional quality, and results-driven outcomes power these two companies to be the very best in their fields.
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