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Sky-Drones Technologies Ltd, professional full stack UAV avionics solutions provider has recently introduced new software product – Sky-Drones Cloud. This is web based application for drone fleet management, performance monitoring, mission planning, real-time control and post flight AI analytics.

With Sky-Drones Cloud we provide Everything is Integrated Everywhere approach which completely redefines the way companies build and operate commercial drones”, - said Kirill Shilov, CEO Sky-Drones.

Sky-Drones Cloud is the place for all data when working with and operating fleet of drones. Customers don't need to have their data being distributed across multiple services or spreadsheets which are difficult to maintain or share. Centralized hub for all information is the key when getting drone workflow to the next level. New product is tightly integrated with other hardware and software products including SmartAP autopilots and SmartLinks - digital communication systems. The data transmitted from drone to ground station is available in the cloud as well, it can be synced either post flight or during the flight with LTE connectivity.

Sky-Drones Cloud can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Drone and operator can be at the flight location while mission managers can observe the flight sitting in command center on the other side of the globe giving valuable advice and getting exactly what they need. This brings situational awareness using drones to completely new level.

More about Sky-Drones Cloud:

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