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Altitude Angel’s APIs will provide Sky-Drones Cloud users with a range of cutting-edge services to enhance their UAV flight experience to a whole new level. Sky-Drones Cloud users will be able to determine both space and Earth weather conditions in correlation to their flight plan, including the latest KP-Index for disturbances in Earth’s magnetic field, wind speed and direction, humidity, and cloud cover.

Consumers will, from September 2020, be able to identify all known hazards and risks at any predefined location both in the airspace and on the ground and retrieve a severity warning and risk analysis of said hazards within their chosen area. You will have the ability to develop flight reports available to fellow airspace users at the time of flight whilst alerting of and avoiding both confirmed and potential conflicting UAV flight paths, and access airspace navigation data from over 70 categories of permanent and temporary airspace classifications and warnings.

The partnership will be available in a basic monthly subscription and a pro subscription, both with the capacity to cater to your fleet’s specific requirements. With such a partnership as Sky-Drones and Altitude Angel, its users will have access to an extensive amount of data to enable each flight path to take off and land with minimal interference, each scheduled operation to take place in a hazard and risk-reduced environment, and each report to be complete with a vast amount of data designed to provide the most efficient operational framework.  

Altitude Angel was founded in 2014, creating worldwide solutions to enable the safe integration and use of fully autonomous drones into global airspace. Since then, the aviation technology designed and created by Altitude Angel has become limitless, providing its consumers access to a rich source of real-time data.

Sky-Drones is an international organisation with its cutting-edge hardware and software UAV avionic solutions aiding users to build and operate their drones for security and commercial applications. Pushing the boundaries of technology advancements, Sky-Drones Cloud is a flight management and drone control application. Its aesthetically pleasing dashboard allows users to retrieve in-depth information about their fleet of drones, recent and upcoming operations, and optimum performance readings.

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