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The ability to identify unknown hazards, completely avoid potential risks, and receive severity and risk analysis repots pre and during flight has been all but impossible… Until now. The time has come to share the exciting and highly anticipated launch of two technology specialists, both bringing their very best systems together.

From here on, users of Sky-Drones Cloud software can sign up to a 7-day free trial of Altitude Angel UTM within the cloud application in merely 3 clicks of a mouse! Enabling the free trial is done purely by clicking on your profile within Sky-Drones Cloud and subscribing to the additional feature. With 7 days’ worth of mission planning using Altitude Angel’s ground-breaking technology produced by some of the biggest names in the tech industry, we are sure you will not want to plan another mission without it.

With the Altitude Angel features enabled, users will be able to automatically load airspace information whilst scouring the map during mission planning. Viewing airspace in 3D is now possible from any angle, and detailed area-specific information is laid out clearly with potential risks and hazards. As you manoeuvre around the map planning your desired flight, new data is constantly being loaded in the background relevant to the flight path you are planning. To personalise the software even further, users can hide unwanted and irrelevant layers giving you only the information relevant to you and your mission. Whilst airspace hazards are essential to reducing risks and collisions pre, during, and post flight, Altitude Angel has gone one step further and provided ground hazards and their potential risk to your mission.

Users can opt for either a standard or a pro subscription, and a discounted price is offered for a yearly sum. The subscription gives users access to an unimaginable amount of data to enable each flight the highest possible success rate, each mission to be planned with the uncapped knowledge of all potential hazards and risks both on the ground and in the air, and every use to become as customisable as you see fit.

Operating with over 60,000 total flight hours and in over 30 countries worldwide, Sky-Drones are now working on creating custom applications for individual UAV developers and have honed in on the infrastructure needed to lead the way in UAV avionics solutions.

Founded in 2014, Altitude Angel has been creating worldwide solutions to enhance UAV flight safety for everyone on the ground and in the air. A rich source of real-time data, software with clear and vibrant aesthetics, and industry leading technology, Altitude Angel has set a new limit to UAV mission safety. Sky-Drones Technologies designs and manufactures flight control, ground control and communications systems alongside its cloud-based management platform.

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