Sky-Drones is introducing SmartAP RTK, this is a perfect addition to the flight controller when positioning precision really matters, it provides centimeter level accuracy. The system is based on the latest UBlox Neo-M8P chipset and is fully integrated across all SmartAP flight controllers and software. Standard telemetry is used to send RTCM corrections via SmartAP GCS.

SmartAP Flight Demo

Flight demo of SmartAP 3.0 Pro autopilot installed on industrial grade airframe. GPS position hold and autonomous waypoints flight (including auto take off and landing) are shown in the video.

SmartAP GCS - Ground Control Station

Ground Control Station and Configuration Tool for SmartAP Autopilot.

SmartAP Aerial views of the city

Hexacopter powered by SmartAP Autopilot is flying over the city, no postprocessing or video stabilization.

SmartAP 3.0 TBS Discovery Flights

Customer's review video with the short introduction of SmartAP 3.0 and flight capabilities demonstration.

SmartAP Autopilot + GoPro Image Quality Test

Image quality test, no stabilization, no any postprocessing.

SmartAP - Extreme Weather Conditions Autonomous Flight

Fully autonomous test flight of SmartAP 3.0 in extreme weather conditions, ambient temperature -10C, wind 8-10 m/s.

SmartAP 3.0 Position Hold

SmartAP 3.0 provides very accurate altitude and position hold, see the demo video below. Altitude accuracy is about 15 cm, position accuracy is less than 0.5m.

SmartAP is easy to fly

Fedor (6 years old boy) shows how easy you can operate the UAV with SmartAP.

SmartAP 2.0 Waypoints Flight

SmartAP 2.0 is capable of fully autonomous waypoint flight.

SmartAP 2.0 Released

SmartAP 2.0 has everything you need for autonomous flight of multirotor UAV.

SmartAP Intro

Trailer about SmartAP AutoPilot Research & Design process

SmartAP First Fully Autonomous Flight

Quadcopter equipped with SmartAP Autopilot performs autonomous take off, waypoint flight of five points, after that returns home and demonstrates autonomous landing.

SmartAP High Altitude Flight

SmartAP autopilot climbs at the altitude of 330 meters (approx. 1000ft)

IMAV 2012 Outdoor Autonomy

SmartAP quadcopter takes part in IMAV 2012 Outdoor Autonomy Flight Competition

IMAV 2012 Outdoor Dynamics

SmartAP quadcopter takes part in IMAV 2012 Outdoor Dinamycs Flight Competition