There is no need to use multiple separate telemetry systems anymore. SmartLink features AES-256 secured 2x HD video channels, telemetry and manual control ultra low-latency transmission with the range up to 20km. LTE with unlimited range is available as an option.


CSI camera and mini HDMI input ports support up to 1080p@60 fps video input with ultra low latency.


Telemetry allows system configuration, mission planning, status monitoring and much more.


Simply connect USB joystick in SmartAP GCS and get full manual control with less than 20 ms latency.


SmartLink set includes everything needed to setup wireless communication for video, telemetry and control:

  • SmartLink Ground module
  • SmartLink Air module
  • 2x Air Module antennas
  • 2x Ground Module antennas
  • CSI camera
  • Telemetry cable
  • HDMI cable
  • Air module power cable
  • Ground module power cable

AIR Module

SmartLink Air is based on powerful quad-core ARM Cortex A53 SoC (system-on-chip) computer running Linux.

The system is capable of handling two real time HD video streams from cameras (CSI and HDMI), autopilot telemetry and control. It also has plenty of resources for user applications. Various interfaces e.g. USB, UART, I2C, SPI allow to connect payload and tightly integrate it with flight controller and / or ground control station. LTE connection is available as an option and is plug&play.


Ground module is very compact and lightweight, it has micro USB connector to interact with any kind of device - laptops, smartphones, tablets, desktop computers supported. All you need to do is connect it and open SmartAP GCS App.

Ground module features active cooling system which allows the module to withstand high ambient temperatures making it reliable even in harsh environments.

2x2 MIMO technology provides higher bandwidth, lower latency and longer range.


SmartLink was specifically designed to be used with SmartAP GCS - powerful cross-platform ground control station. SmartAP GCS supports:

  • 2x HD video streams display
  • Full camera controls
  • Video recording on microSD card
  • Image capture on microSD card
  • Radio settings configuration
  • Drone control joystick
  • Payload control joystick

SmartAP GCS can be used on any platform and operating system including MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android and Linux.


SmartAP GCS provides all status information on radio link including RSSI, SNR, packets and allows to dynamically change all major settings. For instance, operating frequency, bandwidth or power can be change just with a one click. Remote module configuration is done automatically via ground module.

AES-256 as standard

Connection is AES-256 encrypted and network key can be easily changed anytime when it's needed.

Quad Core ARM Cortex-A53

Powerful system on chip computer running Linux handles video, communication, control and also leaves resources for custom user applications.

ProcessorARM Cortex-A53
Cores number4
Frequency1.2 GHz
Technology2x2 MIMO
Frequency2402 - 2477 MHz
Powerup to 30 dBm / 1W
Bandwidth4 / 8 MHz
Data rate25 Mbps
Latency< 100 ms
Range20 km
VisibilityLine of Sight
Ambient temperature-40...+50°C
Connectivity (Air)
CSI Camerax1
Mini HDMI Camerax1
Micro SDx1
Micro USBx1
Power Inputx1
SMA Antennax2
LTE Modulex1
Connectivity (Ground)
Micro USBx1
Power Inputx1
SMA Antennax2
Air Modulex2 SMA Flat Panel 5dBi
Ground Modulex2 RP-SMA 8dBi
HD Video1080p@60 fps
1080p@30 fps
720p@60 fps
720p@30 fps
TelemetryTX / RX via UART TTL
ControlFull manual control
SoftwareWindows, iOS, MacOS, Android
Size and Weight
Size (Air Module)86x50x29 mm
Size (Ground Module)72x46x23 mm
Weight (Air Module)139 g
Weight (Ground Module)83 g
Air Module5V DC
1x720p & 50% RF - 4W
2x1080p + 100% RF - 8W
Ground Module7-40V DC


An array of leading interfaces ensures tight payload integration for data collection

Launch Webinar

Live webinar held on Wednesday 24th February where Kirill Shilov, Founder & CEO of Sky-Drones Technologies, presented the most up to date product for UAV connectivity systems from the Sky-Drones range.

Drone Communication

The way in which drones currently communicate is outdated, and Sky-Drones is on the way to improving it. Watch Sky-Drones founder and CEO Kirill Shilov as he explains the challenges the UAS industry faces and how Sky-Drones is bringing about the solution.

"Just imagine one compact onboard module to which you can connect multiple cameras, autopilot, payload etc and it will do broadband long range communication..."
Kirill Shilov, Sky-Drones

Product Review

Ian Lewis is taking a close look at the Sky-Drones SmartLink Wireless Digital HD Video and Telemetry System with integrated onboard computer. In this video Ian unboxes the system and demostrates the compatibity with SmartAP GCS as well as other third party vendors like PX4, Pixhawk, APM, Mission Planner and QGroundControl.


A selection of FAQs asked by our customers. Still cannot find what you are looking for? Get in touch today!

SmartLink is already available to buy! Just go to our online store where you can find Sets like our SmartLink Set. Our online store is where you can find the entire Sky-Drones product range available to purhcase.

For a generic product description, you need simply be on the SmartLink product page. For detailed documentation you can go to the our Online Document Portal where the documents specific to SmartLink and all other products in the Sky-Drones range can be found.

Whilst we do not have a dedicated PDF document, we do have the Online Document Portal that holds all detailed documentation for the entire range of Sky-Drones products.

SmartLink has 2 camera ports, 1 CSI and 1 HDMI. The CSI camera is included in the set for your convenience, so camera connections are initiated by simple plug-and-play technology.

Our software is easy to configure, and we are more than happy to work with our partners and customers to provide a step-by-step approach for you to access the system. You can count on the support of the development team if you have any questions regarding software use, just drop us an email and we will get back to you or schedule a call to talk you through it: info@sky-drones.com or using the Contact Form.

This depends on a variety of independent variables such as the antennas, installation, environmental conditions, and so on.
Example: When using CE regulations which are 20dBm / 100mW, the range would be 4-6km
Example: When using FCC regulations which assumes 30dBm / 1000 mW, you can reach up to 20km in range

For range longer than 20km, we recommend using LTE connectivity as this has an unlimited range providing the drone remains in the LTE coverage area. If there is no 4G coverage in your flight area you can use higher range antennas which will aid in extending the range for up to several dozen kilometres. These can be purchased from our online store, just go to the Telemetry section of our online store

This is completely dependant on your requirements, but as a base point we can easily manufacture SmartLink units in the hundreds per month. It is possible for us to manufacture the units in the thousands per month with prior notification from clients.

SmartLink is manufactured in a factory in the UK to ensure a high-quality product. Our materials come from specialised and certified vendors that we are proud to be doing business with.

In short, yes. If you are a large volume manufacturer Sky-Drones can help you with setting up licensing, materials, and production processes to manufacture SmartLink yourself inhouse. It could save you time, resources, and money to do this so if it is something you are interested in, please get in touch to discuss further: info@sky-drones.com or using the Contact Form.


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