Power Module

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Power Module is a simple way of providing SmartAP with clean power from a LiPo battery as well as current consumption and battery voltage monitoring, all through a 6-pos cable. The on-board DC-DC converter outputs 5.3V / 3A from up to a 6S LiPo battery.

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PayPal or Bank wire transfer

PayPal or Bank wire transfer
The Power Module comes completely assembled with XT60 connectors, and wrapped in shrink tubing for protection.
Used to detect the battery voltage and the battery current, SmartAP receives two signals, calculate the remaining battery power, estimate the remaining flight time. In addition the module also comes with BEC function to provide a stable power supply. 


  • Voltage and current measurement configured for 5V ADC
  • Switching regulator outputs 5.3V and 3A max
  • 6-pin PicoBlade connectors compatible with Power port of SmartAP


  • Type: Module
  • Max Input Voltage: 30V
  • Max Current Sensing: 90A


Width: 25mm x 21mm x 9mm / 0.98" x 0.83" x 0.35"

Package include

1 x Power Module With XT60 Connectors
1 x P Cable 150mm