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Designing and Manufacturing a Drone Flight Control System and Platform

Kirill Shilov, CEO Sky-Drones and Peter Opdam, CEO Clogworks, were delighted to have been invited to give a talk on their UAV developments over the years at the Forum Munich Aerospace.

After the presentation given by Kirill to a good crowd of aerospace minded students and professionals, there was the opportunity to ask lots of questions and inspect the Dark Matter hX from close.

The Dark Matter® hX comes with a SmartAP-Clogworks autopilot, developed in partnership between Clogworks Technologies and Sky-Drones, and can be controlled by a ground control station with intuitive pilot interface or one of other supported control methods. The SmartAP ground station software allows you to plan your mission, define the best path with overlaps and camera settings chosen to help you in your survey work for example. It now integrate a flight plan safety feature where ground obstacles or airspace restrictions are highlighted.

Herr Ross, their renowned host for being involved in the development of various aircraft, made them feel really welcome in Germany and organised some great visits in line with Munich manufacturing expertise!

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