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This month, Sky-Drones Technologies had the honor of working alongside Performance Marketing Group (PMG) in launching a target program designed to aid Sky-Drones gain access to high-visibility DOD Program offices/agencies.

Sky-Drones is a fast-paced, high growth expert/authority in the drone market with a pedigree that includes drone electronics, software (including custom algorithms), ground control stations, special use and case support – all wrapped-up in an organization that can leverage standard products-to-custom engineering services, with a keen eye for full-stack systems integration. Our flagship product is AIRLink – Artificial Intelligence and Remote Link. This unit is the most advanced AI drone avionics in the industry to date and includes a cutting-edge autopilot, AI mission computer and LTE connectivity unit. AIRLink not only reduces the time to market for drone ventures from months to weeks, but ensures the highest level of flight performance, onboard computing power and connectivity.

With over ten years of demonstrated experience, Sky-Drones has been focused on developing its core business – with an Ecosystem approach, emphasis is put on flight control systems, operations tracking, real-time connectivity and other areas to declare its unique position. Beyond this, it’s “All-in-One Solution” carries weight and stands alone unrivaled, as an industry symbol.

The Ecosystem approach includes SmartAP GCS – a cross-platform ground control station app for mission planning and flight control. Additionally, it offers Sky-Drones Cloud – the leading web-based application for drone fleet management, performance monitoring, mission planning, real-time control, and live video streaming as well as post-flight AI analytics.

Our organization is supported by a rich, worldwide customer base and a partner network with notable contributors including Full Throttle Aerial, Volansi, Skyports, Dronebase, Aerialtronics and Clogworks to name a few.

Within the defense target segment, Sky-Drones has fulfilled projects with Iridium SATCOMM and the Tether-Mode project (with Cubic Defense). This highlights the trust our partners have in our technology and defines the way in which we have become so established in the UAS industry. Large notable organizations working alongside Sky-Drones also include NASA, FAA, and CAA.

Given that Sky-Drones is a dual-use company – PMG has been tapped to implement a campaign to gain access/entry to organizations like the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU). This is designed to familiarize selected program offices/agencies with Sky-Drone’s capabilities, which also leverages PMG’s proprietary contact base.

A note from Kirill Shilov, CEO of Sky-Drones, includes "With PMG's assistance, we are gaining visibility and traction with key program offices/agencies, which is a key element in advancing our DOD gameplan.”

Ed Hennessy, CEO for PMG has explained “Unmanned Vehicles (cross-military lines) is an area of emphasis for our Market Programs company. Taking on this assignment with Sky-Drones is a natural fit and we believe that PMG will make a difference.”

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