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Specializing in unique and demanding payload criteria, CamFlite is pleased to announce their partnership with Sky-Drones Technologies as they expand their product range while manufacturing of their latest UAV models within the CamFlite fleet, Ascent, and Scout.

Ascent by CamFlite is set to be the company’s flagship product; users can expect to see features including a compact design, ARK Electronics GPS and RTK systems, customizable CNC power transitions, and much more. Available in two variants for heavier and lighter applications, Ascent X and X8 are set to be some of the most valuable UAS assets. Accompanied by Sky-Drones’ AIRLink as their autopilot, the dynamics of this UAV fleet are second to none.

AIRLink by Sky-Drones is the most advanced AI avionics platform available to date. Literally standing for Artificial Intelligence and Remote Link, AIRLink is renowned for its capabilities in the security and defence sectors. Made from aviation-grade aluminium in the heart of the United Kingdom, AIRLink gives users the option for fully autonomous autopilot flights, AI mission computer intelligence, and LTE connectivity. With this technology deeply integrated into CamFlite’s drone fleet, joint users can take full advantage of the ever-advancing cutting-edge developments within the Sky-Drones Ecosystem.

Included in AIRLink’s ready-to-fly set are not only two camera feeds, FPV and payload camera, but an outstanding FPV camera itself. This 1080p HDR camera provides exceptional image quality, making CamFlite missions evermore visible and successful. Built-in LTE and Wi-Fi ensures constant internet connectivity for CamFlite drone users, say goodbye to dropping connection and hello to consistent and continuous data flow between you and your UAV fleet.

Sky-Drones and CamFlite have gone above and beyond to offer their joint client base an “Everything is Integrated Everywhere” approach thanks to Sky-Drones Cloud software. Completely redefining the way in which companies build and operate commercial drones, Sky-Drones Cloud is a drone fleet management, performance monitoring, mission planning, real-time control and post flight AI analytics platform. A storage facility for all data collected from your entire fleet, Sky-Drones Cloud is a centralized hub for key information and parameters, enabling your drone workflow to step up to the next level. Tightly integrated with the hardware and Ground Control Station software, the data transmitted from the drone to the ground control station is readily available and recorded in Sky-Drones Cloud. Access to the cloud can be done from anywhere around the world, meaning mission managers and heads of organisations can have the same access no matter what their location may be.

All CamFlite vehicles come with the user’s choice of command-and-control systems and a custom shipping case as standard. Sky-Drones offers their own AIRLink avionics solution with integrated Cloud software and associated support equipment, and CamFlite have taken their device range to the next level by developing their very own Ascent Shipping Container; full protection for your Ascent X/X8, landing gear and support equipment are all included. Furthermore, to add to CamFlite’s fine-tuned product range, the company offers custom services using CAD design and CAM design engineering. Thriving to meet the needs of their customers, CamFlite offer circuit board designing to match the product and mission parameters.

The partnership between CamFlite and Sky-Drones offers both companies’ entire product range in a varied and customizable context. With the needs of users and their mission objectives at the heart of the operation, Sky-Drones and CamFlite are excited to announce this exciting next chapter.

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