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Regulations in the world of drones are becoming more and more important. "I remember when I started working in this area about 10 years ago there were no any regulations", - says Kirill Shilov, CEO Sky-Drones. And it's obvious - there were no any drones out there. People just flew their radio control models of airplanes and all that was primarily done for hobby and fun. People were not aware about drones at all and couldn't foreseen their potential. 

Now of course everything is different. Drones are involved in various projects and help growing the business and we can not imagine our life without them. At the same time people realized the capabilties of drones in both good and unfortunately bad ways. With such rapidly growing number of drones around we need to ensure their safe integration into airspace, this in turn will reveal even more potential of drones as smart and fully autonomous systems.

Everybody is speaking about BVLOS - Beyond Visual Line of Sight operations recently. This means that the drone will fly far beyond it can be visually seen and, therefore, the most important thing is flight awareness provided by reliable airspace regulator, it will allow bringing drone operations at even higher level.

One of such regulators is AirMap - the world's leading airspace management platform for drones. AirMap connects drone operators with airspace authorities to enable safe, efficient, and scalable drone operations through core UTM services. AirMap services are intergrated right in SmartAP GCS - cross-platform ground control station by Sky-Drones which you can run on any device. SmartAP GCS provides seamless integration of geographical and situational awareness information including weather data, airspace advisories information, flight rules and restrictions and even flight authorization.

Another key player in UTM world is Altitude Angel, Altitude Angel is trusted advisor to regulatory groups and national aviation authorities, working in partnership with key stakeholders in the industry. These are the one of the key reasons why Sky-Drones has chosen Altitude Angel as a strategic partner on its way of unmanned aerial vehicles integration into controlled airspace. Now and onwards SmartAP users are able to see airspace and ground hazard data which will make their decisions on flight location selection and mission scenarios more aware and adequate. It’s a major milestone towards incorporating BVLOS drone operations on a regular basis.

Having live airspace information and authorization right in the drone control app is becoming more and more important. Now and onwards Sky-Drones customers get an opportunity to be able to fly in controlled airspace without the need to switch between control and authorization apps.

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