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Almost 70 years ago artificial intelligence attempted to describe human thinking in non-human systems by way of the first checkers-playing computer programme, thus the first computer programme to learn on its own. The early-70s entertained the idea of the first anthropomorphic robot, WABOT-1, a machine consisting of limb-control, vision and conversation systems. Skip forward several decades and an abundance of scientific advancements to today’s artificial intelligence constituting image recognition, voice control and language transcriptions.

But what about AI in UAVs and drones?

Vizgard creates some of the world’s most advanced, cutting-edge AI capabilities for drone, counter-UAS and surveillance operations, all with the view to enhance and automate the systems currently in place. They sought to challenge the small autonomous unmanned vehicles that are inexpensive, deployed rapidly and go easily undetected. Vizgard’s consistent research and development has led to the creation of Fortifai; the fastest way to implement AI-powered autonomy in security and surveillance systems, and the very software that AIRLink by Sky-Drones uses for its artificial intelligence.

What is AIRLink?

AIRLink quite literally stands for Artificial Intelligence and Remote Link. Part of the Sky-Drones’ mission was to create the base point of an ecosystem for all UAV operations by designing and manufacturing the flight control unit that works off LTE connectivity with a built-in AI mission computer, a.k.a AIRLink. With the added elements from Vizgard’s Fortifai, Sky-Drones excelled above and beyond the original brief and on to new heights in the UAS industry. 

Fortifai built into AIRLink allows Sky-Drones and Vizgard users to augment surveillance, unmanned and counter-unmanned systems. Think object detection and tracking, license plate reading, image stabilisation and precision drone landing by optically tracking landing zones. Operating in a huge variety of industry sectors including public safety, border control, agriculture and wildlife, drone delivery, surveillance, security and defence, Sky-Drones and Vizgard have provided their joint customer base with an industry-leading solution to control and detect via UAVs. 

Sky-Drones and Vizgard have worked tirelessly for countless years in the UAV industry to gain an understanding of the needs from their collective customers. Preserving future wildlife from the threat of poachers, detecting and tracking intruders on the front line in high crime-rate areas, and maintaining constant visual contact with targets in manned vehicles are a few prime examples of how this advanced intelligence is changing the world we live in. The possibilities are endless and they’re only advancing. New features sit in the pipeline for Sky-Drones and Vizgard as the innovators take the next steps to a safer, ever-advancing and autonomous future, embedded in AIRLink, at the heart of the UAS industry.

To learn more about AIRLink and the AI possibilities from Vizgard, contact Sky-Drones via today. 


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      Drone tech is getting crazy intelligent. Thanks for the read\nK2kidd flies autonomous AI\

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