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SmartAP Pro is a professional flight control system for multirotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

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PayPal or Bank wire transfer


Internal heating of accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometer and pressure sensor.

Operating temperature range: -40...+65C

Power Supply

Flexible powering capabilities

Power directly from the main LiPo battery, redundant power supply - connect additional 5V power source.

Input voltage range: 10V-60V (up to 14S)
Output voltage: 12V, 5V, 3.3V

Integrated OSD

Simply connect your video camera and video transmitter to SmartAP. Power source is provided by SmartAP as well. General flight information is shown on the screen.


Enhancing Industrial Drones Capabilities


  • All-integrated system approach - plug and fly
  • Extremely stable flight in
    - stabilize (user control)
    - position hold (semi-autonomous control)
    - auto (fully autonomos navigation and control)
  • MAVLink compatible Ground Control Station protocol
  • Accurate Position hold
    - Horizontal: up to 40cm
    - Vertical: up to 10cm
  • Manual altitude override
  • Fully autonomous waypoints flight
  • Autonomous take off
  • Autonomous landing
  • Return to Home mode
  • Low battery detection and Failsafe triggering
  • And many many more...


  • Compact size and weight
    - 8x8 cm (3.15"x3.15"), weight 39 g
  • Powerful Microcontroller
    - 32 bit 168 MHz STM32F4 ARM Cortex M4
  • External GNSS receiver UBlox NEO8
    - GPS/GLONASS, 24 SATS, 10 Hz
    with integrated active antenna and 3-axis compass
  • RTK GNSS Ready
    - available as an option with SmartAP RTK Kit
  • Integrated telemetry module (500 mW)
    - External module supported
  • Integrated OSD Support
    - PAL & NTSC with auto-detection
  • FrSky S.Port Support
    - 2-way wireless telemetry
  • Backup battery
    - Real-time clock and GNSS Receiver


  • InvenSense MPU-9250
    - triple-redundant temprerature-stabilized IMU with 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer
  • Honeywell HMC5883L
    - 3-axis Magnetometer
  • Measurement Specialties MS5611
    - double-redundant pressure sensor

Power supply

  • Power supply from main LiPo battery
    - 3S-14S support, up to 60 Volts
  • Power supply from 5V BEC
  • 12V, 5V, 3.3V generated onboard
  • Integrated main LiPo battery voltage monitoring


  • USB interface
    - Configuration and Firmware Update
  • Up to 24 PWM I/O support
    - optional +5V output, high-powered
    - SBUS support, PPM sum support
  • Various communication lines
    - UART/USART, RS232
    - I2C
    - SPI
    - CAN
  • MicroSD card
    - 4-bit SDIO interface
    - Data-logging and parameters storage
  • 4 ADC inputs
    - Battery voltage monitoring
    - Battery current monitoring
  • 2-channels solid state relay
  • RGB LED support


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