Flight Control Systems Solutions & Autopilots
SmartAP 3.2 PRO
The next generation of Professional Flight Control System
for industrial long range and heavy lift Drones

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SmartAP 3.2 PRO
3x-Redundant Temperature-Stabilized IMU
Integrated 500mW Telemetry
Integrated OSD
FrSky S.Port Support
10-60V / 3-14S Power supply

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SmartAP 3.2 PRO
Integration Made Simple.
Defining the future of multicopter UAV with the latest progress in
electronics, software and system integration.
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SmartAP 4 Autopilot
The latest Flight Control System for the wide range of applications
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SmartAP RTK Set
When precision really matters...
Centimeter-level GNSS positioning
Smallest, lightest and efficient RTK module
Fully integrated and compatible with all SmartAP Autopilots
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Power Distribution Board
High-load power distribution with voltage & current sensing
Input: up to 60V (14S), 5V & 12V output, integrated buzzer
Fully compatible with all SmartAP Autopilots
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Ground Control Station & Configuration Tool
Create the mission and fly autonomously or
control the UAV using high-level commands.
For Windows, Mac OS, Linux
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SmartAP Docs
Extensive Online Documentation
Detailed information about the products including
installation, configuration and usage instructions
Covering all public Sky-Drones products
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Powering Your Drones
With Our Flight Control Solutions
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Kirill Shilov
Founder & CEO Sky-Drones
smartap-wall.pngThe company
Sky-Drones develops flight control systems and autopilots (hardware, algorithms, embedded programming, UI programming) which can be applied to a wide range of Drones (UAVs) applications such as Surveying, Mapping, Inspection, Security, Safety and High-Quality Media production. The company has an outstanding background and experience in Research and Development, Manufacturing and Delivering products and solutions for extremely rapidly growing market in Drones / UAV segment.

Kirill Shilov - Founder / CEO and Lead developer of Sky-Drones.com - company creating solutions for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) especially in the area of the Flight Control Systems. Kirill holds his MSc degree with honors in Aerospace Engineering, majoring in Flight Dynamics and Control and BSc degree with honors in Applied Math and Physics. Kirill has extensive scientific and engineering experience, previously he holded developer positions in companies located in Tokyo, Japan and Zürich, Switzerland.

Currently, Sky-Drones is an internationaly-oriented company. We have users of our products all over the world including USA, Europe and Asia.

Our values define who we are as a company and what we do. This is something which makes us different. We work hard to push the boundaries and bring the best products and solutions to customers. We're happy communicating openly, work honestly and transparently, we're always welcoming to any challenges. Being supportive and responsive is among our key priorities.

The first flight of quadrotor under control of SmartAP autopilot was in the spring of 2012. First autonomous flights were performed half a year later, by the end of 2012. 2013 was the year of mastering our knowledge and improving the system. By the end of the year SmartAP became a flight control system with the capability of fully autonomous flight, right it was planned before.
SmartAP Autopilot ver. 1.0 and 2.0
The development of the next generation flight control system - SmartAP 3.0 Pro has been started in May 2014. The key feature of the device is system integration, meaning that the latest GPS module and wireless telemetry are already integrated onboard. This makes the design and installation very clean and allows easy integration with different payload electronics.
SmartAP Autopilot ver. 3.0 Professional

SmartAP Autopilot ver. 4

SmartAP Autopilot project was started by Kirill Shilov in 2011. It was decided that SmartAP must become a multi-purpose flight control system for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles including the feature of fully autonomous flight. This is the key idea of the project which seemed to be a good one to apply all knowledge in electronics, hardware design, programming, math, navigation and control theory, aerodynamics.
Kirill has always been interested in electronics and programming. Since 2006 when he was a high-school student he had worked as a web developer in a local company. It was a part time job involved in programming functional modules for web sites. But he always wanted to be deeper in programming and computer science. Then he have started to experience with electronis more and more. This required not only knowledge in programming, but also in circuits design which he started to learn and found it very exciting and interesting. After getting enough knowledge to do something worthwhile it was clearly known what it should be! That's how SmartAP Autopilot was born and Sky-Drones incorporated. Currently, the company has major customers in Europe, North America, Asia&Oceania and created products are successfully used worldwide!